Corporate Photography

After more than 20 years photographing people in the fashion and music industry Simon has turned his hand to corporate and lifestyle photography, and why not. Now based in Leeds and with a studio in the centre near the station.

Milestones include:

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Trained at Middlesex University where I attained a First Class BA Honours Degree in Visual Communication Design.

Have had advanced training in Photoshop and consider myself to be an expert in this area, having produced graphics for print and web on a daily basis.

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Web design

On a personal mission here advocating the use of best practice web standards using strict XHTML and CSS for layout.

Web sites should be usable, accessible, relevant and meaningful. Accessibility does not mean text-only as some would advocate, the challenge is to match good design with measurable levels of accessibility, providing meaningfully marked up HTML giving a good ranking within reputable search engines. I've included some links at the side that may be of interest and demonstrate best practice as well as being well designed and beautiful.

All design and build work constantly should have in mind compliance with W3C standards and DDA legislation with finished builds conforming to WAI guidelines. This process will also present an experience that is similar inter-dependant on the browser that is being used.

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Contact Simon Murray on 07710 055318